Calories (CAL) is TE-FOOD’s second token. CAL is a stable token (pegged to USD), which acts a clearing unit for various services (and later — products) within the TE-FOOD ecosystem. CAL is automatically generated for the service provider when a service is fulfilled.

CAL exists only within TE-FOOD’s own blockchain, it’s not traded on secondary exchanges.

TE-FOOD’s ecosystem enables food companies to buy services from various providers. The most basic service is maintaining the blockchain network itself. The providers which help that (Masternodes) will receive CAL for their services. The CAL the providers receive will be automatically bought from them regularly, when the customers pay for the service.

Token economics

  1. Customer (directly, or through Service Enabler) requests a service.
  2. As the service is fulfilled by the Service Provider, the fulfillment automatically generates Calories in the Service Provider’s wallet, accourding to the value of the service.
  3. The Customer (directly, or through Service Enabler) buys the Calories from the Service Provider in ETH or USD. The payment can be immediate, or bound to specific, or regular settlement dates.
  4. Calories bought by the Service Customer are burned automatically.

Detailed information about the CAL token:

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